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Alec Bradley Cigar Co. has announced the release of new limited edition Megaburners. These three distinct lighters–’Pin-Up Series, Bomb Girl,’ ‘Steampunk Series, October,’ and ‘Classic Ink Series, Tatsu’–feature original designs commissioned by Alec Bradley founder, Alan Rubin. Only 500 of each lighter have been produced.

First introduced in 2019, the original Alec Bradley Megaburner was released. The Megaburner took over two years two develop. When filled to capacity, those using it can expect an estimated 8 hours and 45 seconds of burn time at 30 percent aperture opening. The massive 70mm x 107mm gas tank is arguably a blank canvas primed for the application of the unique, eye-catching artwork.

For the designs, Rubin reached out to friend and celebrated Colorado artist, Ralf Schuetz. Schuetz is known for his urban pop style of visionary art and for his creative album cover graphics.

“The size of the Megaburner tank offers a unique opportunity to allow creativity to run wild. Having commissioned projects with Ralf before, I knew that his visionary style and use of color could help me achieve my goal of presenting distinctive pieces with collector’s appeal. I gave him the three series names and let him run with the rest. The results speak for themselves,” Rubin explains.

Each lighter is presented in a luxurious presentation box that is designed to serve as a teaser of the lighter’s artwork. The limited edition Megaburners will begin shipping to tobacconists in October with each having a price tag of $150 per lighter.

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