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Alec Bradley Cigar Co. has announced the release of the Alec Bradley Project 40 Maduro, the second cigar line in the company’s Experimental Series and a follow up to the highly rated Project 40 line. The new Project 40 Maduro represents Alec Bradley founder Alan Rubin’s belief that cigars create a positive impact on both mind and body.

“The dark and rich Project 40 Maduro is another opportunity for Alec Bradley to enhance a positive experience through the tradition of cigar smoking,” commented Rubin. “Premium cigar enthusiasts truly accepted the original Project 40 cigar line and the underlying concept that it demonstrates. Project 40 Maduro is the next chapter of the story.”

For those that don’t know, Project 40 is the name for a scientific concept used to help determine and influence a person’s mindfulness and happiness. In the words of Alec Bradley Cigars, the calming effects of premium cigars is rewarding to aficionados and lead to relaxation and the feeling of being in control. Rubin adds that a cigar, with proper blending and value proposition, is the key to taking control of one’s happiness.

Project 40 Maduro was blended using curated tobaccos from San Andreas, Nicaragua and Brazil. It will retail for less than $7 per cigar, before applicable taxes. Project 40 Maduro is medium-plus and features a lush maduro wrapper from San Andreas, Brazilian Habano and all Nicaraguan filler. It is presented in a white, maroon and gold 24-count box adorned with the Alec Bradley and Project 40 logos. It will be available in three sizes: 5.50, 06.52, and 06.60. Price per cigar will range from $5.75 to $6.50. Project 40 Maduro is handcrafted at J. Fuego Cigar Co. De Nicaragua in Esteli. It is expected to begin shipping November.

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