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This Valentine’s Day, rather than being boring and predictable in your choice of chocolate, why not try something a wee bit different? Did you know there’s Chocolate beer? Just like the Valentine’s Day row at your local store, there’s a wide variety of Chocolate beers for your choosing, coming in a variety of flavors and combinations. Here’s five you need to consider trying for yourself:

Organic Chocolate Stout by Samuel Smith Brewery
Website: / Twitter: @samsmithsbeer
This beer is available year-round and is brewed with well water, gently roasted organic chocolate malt and real organic cocoa.You can expect a smooth, creamy, delicious taste full of rich flavors with a memorable finish. This beer is for those looking for a bit of a dessert. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this brew that gives you the sweetness of chocolate milk with that adult, beer twist.

Choklat by Southern Tier Brewing Company
Website: / Twitter: @stbcbeer
Some have described this beer as the best they’ve ever had and life changing. Hints of caramel, vanilla and chocolate with a medium bitterness hake this stout a favorite for beer aficionados and those who may find regular brews a bit dull. For those looking for a slightly bitter tasting beer, give this brew a try.

Sexual Chocolate by Foothills Brewing Company
Website: / Twitter: @foothillsBeer
Do you enjoy toffee or molasses? You’ll enjoy Foothills Brewing Company’s Sexual Chocolate is a cocoa infused imperial stout with a heavy chocolate aroma. It has hints of espresso, dark fruit along with blackstrap molasses and dark sweet toffee. This one isn’t heavy on chocolate so is perfect for those who are looking for more hop than sweetness.

Big Lushious 2014 by Founders Brewing Co.
Website: / Twitter: @foundersbrewing
This extravagant dessert beer is the perfect addition for any occasion, whether it’s a mood setter for a couple following a Valentine’s Day dinner out or a gathering of single friends. Packed with all-natural dark chocolate, roasted malts with hints of burnt coffee grounds and tart raspberries.

Chocolate Milk Stout by 4 Hands Brewery
Website: / Twitter: @4HandsBrewery
This dark brew is sweet and packed with more chocolate than you can handle. This medium-bodied stout is brewed with two pounds of cacoa bins per barrel and has aromas of dark chocolate, chocolate malt and even more chocolate on top of that.

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