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When is the last time you purchased a tin of cigars? You read that right–tin, not box. Cigar tins are a popular option for the cigar enthusiast who is on the go or short on time. Many of your favorite brands actually offer tin versions of their top cigars. These smaller cigars sometimes get a bad rep, however. Smaller cigars are viewed as “less than” their larger, boxed, counterparts–that isn’t the case, however, and you should give these cigars another glance.

Cigar tins offer certain perks that their larger counterparts do not. To begin with, these smaller cigars can be smoked in a far shorter time than a Robusto, Toro or other larger-sized cigar. This is great for those cigar smokers who are on constantly on the move and want a premium smoke but don’t have an hour or more to spare. Then there’s the price point. A tin of cigars is typically a fraction of what you will pay for an entire box of cigars, making it a great option for those that may be on a budget but want a premium cigar experience. Cigars in tins are also made with the same tobaccos as their regular-sized counterparts, meaning for a much lower price point you’ll be getting a premium cigar experience that can be enjoyed on the go. That brings us to the final perk of a cigar tin–these can be tossed in a bag or pocket a lot easier than your typical cigar and the tin will save that cigar and ensure it doesn’t get damaged as you’re on the go.

Now that we’ve convinced you to give cigar tins another chance, here are five cigar tins for you to buy the next time you’re looking for a premium cigar to enjoy on the go:

Cigar Tins | Arturo Fuente CubanitosArturo Fuente Cubanitos
Arturo Fuente
If a cigar carries the name “Fuente” you know you’re in for a great cigar. Coming in at a size of 4 1/4 x 32, Cubanitos by Arturo Fuente is a smooth, medium-bodied small cigar that pairs well with coffee. Made in the Dominican Republic, the cigar features a Cameroon wrapper and is full of flavor.

Cigar Tins | Ashton Classic Esquire MaduroAshton Classic Esquire Maduro
Ashton Cigars
The maduro wrapper on this medium-bodied cigar envelops a blend that is tasty, flavorful and elegant from first light to final draw. The Ashton Classic Esquire Maduro is made in the Dominican Republic and features premium Dominican Republic-grown tobaccos. With notes of espresso and raisin, this is a great cigar to pair with that cup of coffee as you head out the door in the morning or a smooth smoke to go with that late night dessert.

Cigar Tins | Cohiba Red DotCohiba Red Dot Pequenos
Cohiba Cigars
If you’re looking for something with a little spice and a lot of sweetness, look no further than the Cohiba Red Dot Pequenos. This cigarillo measures 4 1/5 x 34 but don’t its little status fool you. This is a handmade cigar that features well-aged long filler tobaccos that come together to create a smooth, medium-bodied smoke that can be enjoyed in a short amount of time.

Cigar Tins | Deadwood Sweet JaneDeadwood Sweet Jane
Drew Estate
Drew Estate is known for perfecting the infused cigar but typically it’s ACID that gets all the glory. For those looking for something different, check out Deadwood Sweet Jane. Made in Nicaragua, Sweet Jane is an infused cigar that features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and an overall mellow smoke. As the name implies, this cigar is for those craving something sweet and savory packed into a convenient 4 x 32 small format.

Cigar Tins | Tatiana Groovy BlueTatiana Groovy Blue
Miami Cigar & Company
The Tatiana brand was never meant to be released to the masses like it was. Miami Cigar & Company’s founder Nestor Miranda created this brand for his daughter, Tatiana, after unintentionally leaving her out of an article with a major cigar publication. Tatiana Groovy Blue is a flavored cigar featuring an alluring vanilla flavor, Indonesian Sumatra wrapper and an overall smooth, mellow smoke.

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