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Christmas is right around the corner, and for the cigar lover, a fine cigar completes the holiday celebrations. Choosing the right cigar, however, can be a chore. You can always give your loved one a cigar you know they already love, but it’s Christmas! Why not be creative and give them something new? Here are five cigars we at Cigars & Leisure are gifting our loved ones this year.

CAO Cigars Colombia

christmas cigars cao cigars

For the smoker who wants a rare experience, the CAO Colombia is the perfect choice. The tobacco is grown along the coastline of Colombia, which is why there is a hint of saltiness in each drag. You will also notice a hint of java to complete this mild to medium-bodied cigar. The cigar is wrapped in a light Honduran wrapper and is available in a box of 20 or a pack of five. Truly a unique experience, the CAO Colombia is a home run.

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Oliva Connecticut Reserve Torpedo

christmas cigars olivia

The Oliva Connecticut Reserve was created by the Oliva Cigar Company to cater to the needs of fans of their milder cigars. This is a very well-constructed cigar. The flavor is a mixture of cream, coffee, and cedar, with mild spice notes to create a modest smoke that’s smooth from beginning to end. The Reserve line may seem a little mild for the experienced smoker, but for cigar lovers who don’t want their cigars to be too aggressive, the Oliva Connecticut Reserve Torpedo is an excellent choice this Christmas.

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Gran Habano #5 Corojo

The Gran Habano #5 Corojo is also an excellent choice of cigar to give to someone who just started smoking. It’s easy to impress a newbie with the taste of this Honduran cigar from Guillermo and George Rico’s boutique brand. The #5 is one of the more famous cigars in the Gran Habano lineup. It has an easy draw and a perfect burn, and the thickness of smoke will satisfy any cigar enthusiast. As for the flavor, there’s a sweet spice with a mild almond aftertaste. The spice can be a bit much for a first-timer, but it’s easy to get used to.

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Alec Bradley American Classic Robusto


christmas cigars alec bradley

A mild to medium-bodied blend of specially aged Condega long fillers and Nicaraguan Estelí, the Alec Bradley American Classic is one of those cigars that is the epitome of enjoyment. There’s a hint of sweetness, along with notes of nuts and coffee, delivering a harmonious, complex return with a powerful finesse. This cigar is strong, so you may not want to give it to those new to smoking.

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Rocky Patel The Edge Habano Torpedo

christmas cigars rocky patel

The Rocky Patel The Edge Habano Torpedo started out as merely a box with unbranded cigars inside. It was cheap and came in only two sizes. But in an unexpected twist, it turned out to be a hit with cigar connoisseurs, despite an absence of marketing efforts. This line of cigars is remarkable. It’s made for the true macho man; its flavor consists of leather and wood, with hickory and spice laced in.

The Habano Torpedo is also one of Rocky Patel’s most affordable cigars, but it’s still hailed as being one of their best-tasting cigars.

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Buying a cigar isn’t like shopping for your favorite brand of cereal. It’s not just about getting used to one kind alone; rather, you’re continuously seeking out a cigar that will offer you another type of experience. So try something new this year, and have a smoking Christmas!

Drew Bishop is a contributing writer and media specialist for Cheap Little Cigar. He produces content for a variety of cigar blogs aimed at both beginners and connoisseurs.

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