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There have been many great cigar moments throughout cinema and television history, but which one stands out from the rest? We compiled 10 of our favorites, and before we get 100 email complaints, let me explain why we didn’t include any Scarface scenes. First, those scenes are always included in lists like this, so it’s old news. Second, there’s no one particular scene that stands out of Tony Montana smoking; he just smokes sometimes. Thus, we included a picture of him as the main photo so we don’t completely piss anyone off. It may be considered blasphemous to leave him off our list, but after watching these clips, we think you’ll agree.

Above is a video compiling 8 of our favorites, however, it is missing The Wolverine and Roger Moore scenes as YouTube deemed them copyright infringement. Below is a breakdown of each one. Enjoy!

Sucker Punch (2011)

What makes this scene cool: Slow motion, a pulsing rendition of Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” and close-ups of cigars and whiskey are enough to make this scene awesome, but then a stripper walks in and sits down on the guy’s lap. It begs the question, “How did this actor get so lucky?”

The Wolverine (2013)

What makes this scene cool: First off, it’s Wolverine, so that makes this scene cool enough, but it gets better. As ninjas surround Wolverine, he bites off the cap of a cigar, sticks it in his mouth, and then sinks his claws into a tanker. Everything blows up, and Wolverine gets a nice, even light for his cigar. He is the ultimate badass.

Hellboy (2004)

What makes this scene cool: This scene is both cool and informative. When Hellboy takes out a lighter and begins trying to light his cigar, his boss, Tom Manning, stops him and tells him the only way to light a cigar is with a wooden match, to help preserve the flavor. It’s a nice moment between two characters who hate each other the rest of the movie.

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Cape Fear (1991)

What makes this scene cool: Every cigar smoker has wished at one point or another that smoking in a movie theater were allowed. Unfortunately, it’s not, but Max Cady (Robert De Niro) doesn’t care. Even when a guy asks him to stop, Cady just ignores him and keeps on puffing away while laughing manically at the movie. Later, Cady stalks him. Lesson learned: Don’t call out someone in a movie theater.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

What makes this scene cool: There’s nothing particularly special about this scene other than Clint Eastwood and Eli Wallach riding on a stagecoach. What makes it cool is Eastwood and his line, “Well, after a meal, there’s nothing like a good cigar,” as he offers Wallach a cigar. He takes it, considers what Eastwood said, and then smiles as the soundtrack swells and they ride across the desert. It’s simple yet oozes cool.

Independence Day (1996)

What makes this scene cool: Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum are about to take off in a spaceship to save the world from an alien invasion when Smith gives Goldblum a cigar, telling him he can’t light it up until the fat lady sings. Later, as they believe they’re about to die, they share a tender moment and light up the cigars. “It’s funny,” Goldblum’s character says, “I always thought that things like these would kill me.”

Roger Moore

What makes this scene cool: The recently deceased Moore loved cigars so much he received them as part of his James Bond contracts. He has so many good scenes we couldn’t choose just one, so here are eight minutes of Moore at his best.

The Simpsons—“Cape Feare” (1993)

What makes this scene cool: It’s a Simpsons parody of the Cape Fear scene, with Sideshow Bob playing the De Niro role. Marge comments that his smoking is so rude and Homer agrees while smoking an even bigger cigar.

Black Hawk Down (2001)

What makes this scene cool: In a movie rife with intensity, this scene is a quiet moment between U.S. Maj. Gen. Garrison and Atto, a captured Somali faction leader, smoking cigars and talking during the lull before the storm. Things slowly get more tense as Atto reverses the questioning on Garrison, all while cigar smoke wafts through the room.

Watchmen (2009)

What makes this scene cool: We were hesitant to include this scene solely because it’s so violent, but how could we not include the Comedian in our list? Sure, he’s a horrible person, but he makes smoking during a fight look so effortless. Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” makes him seem all the more menacing as he lights his cigar with a blowtorch before torching his enemy.

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